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Give your business excellent street appeal and give your customers a great first impression with a good looking, smooth asphalt car park that lasts for years to come.

Car Park Asphalt Types

Asphalt car parks can be sealed/resealed with a range of different materials and thicknesses depending on your needs and preferences.

AAA Asphalt will assist you in choosing the most appropriate material type based on the amount of traffic, the size and shape of the car park and the type of look that you want to achieve for your business or organisation.

Hot Mix Asphalt Car Park

Hot Mix Asphalt is a mixture of sand and stone aggregates, bound together by bitumen, providing the smoothest possible surface for the car park.

There are multiple types of asphalt which can be selected based on the strength requirements of the car park, facilitating anything from low volume light duty traffic to high volume heavy duty traffic.

  • Cost Effective
    When compared to concrete, Hot Mix Asphalt is a cost-effective solution. Asphalt is also a more durable and longer lasting solution than Spray Seal.
  • Quick Installation
  • Long Term Solution
    With the correct drainage infrastructure and base preparation, asphalt is a long term pavement solution.
  • Easy To Maintain

Asphalt is affordable and easy to maintain to extend your pavement life. There are even DIY options for maintaining asphalt such as Cold Mix Bags for pothole repairs, and Crack Sealing easy mix products.

  • Flexible and Durable Finish
  • Suitability
    Ideal for low or high volumes of traffic

Ask us about the different mix types that are available, including recycled materials, and we’ll ensure you get the best mix of materials for your car park needs.

Hot Mix Asphalt Car Park Quote

Spray Seal Car Park

Great for car parks with relatively low or irregular traffic flows and light duty traffic only.

Rubble car parks without a seal quickly become an uneven surface because the rubble is easily displaced with car movements, especially when the rubble is wet during winter. This will not correct itself, and there is an ongoing cost to maintain an unsealed car park where you’ll neeed to engage a contractor to regrade or retrim the surface. Sealing the car park with Spray Seal will provide water resistance which protects the rubble base and maintains an even surface.

  • Entry level option
  • Cost Effective
    An Emulsion Seal (Spray Seal) Car Park is a cost effective way of sealing an unsealed area and providing a water resistant surface.
  • Eliminates Dust
    Completely eliminates any dust caused from car movements.
  • Skid Resistance
    Provides increased skid resistance (grip) which will mitigate cars losing traction.
  • Rustic Appearance
    The process of spray seal is to spray the surface with bitumen and then spread stone on top, repeated for multiple layers. Naturally, the final surface will have a more coarse and stony appearance.

Spray Seal Asphalt Car Park Quote

Car Park Reseals

Car park asphalt reseals

Over time, asphalt car parks can degrade with potholes forming and cracks appearing, which not only looks bad but can also be a hazard for cars and people.

If you’re at the stage where you’re getting potholes and/or cracks fixed every year, then it’s time to consider getting the car park resealed.

Our crews can rip up the existing asphalt, remove it and reseal the car park with the asphalt type of your choice.

Generally, for a car park with up to 30 parking spaces, we’ll remove the existing asphalt in one day and lay the new asphalt the next day. Larger car parks, depending on the size and complexity, can take longer.

We operate day-time and night-time crews and can organise them to minimise any disruption to your business.

Asphalt Car Park Reseal Quote

New Car Parks

New asphalt car park complete with painted lines

If you have completed new building works then we can work with your construction company to seal the cark park with the asphalt type of your choice.

While we do have an in-house earthworks crew for base preparation, with new works this is usually organised by the construction company. However, if needed, we can complete the base preparation according to your plans and specifications.

Our teams have the experience, specialised equipment and attention to detail to deliver excellent quality asphalt works, whether it’s a standard carpark, a complex multi-level car park or an undercroft.

New Asphalt Car Park Quote

Line Marking

If you need lines painted on your car park, we can put you in touch with our trusted line marking contractor. They’re easy to organise and can co-ordinate to come onsite after we finish laying the asphalt in your car park.

Car Park Life Span

Hot mix asphalt

Quality Construction

The first steps to having a long-lasting car park are:

  • Base preparation
  • Drainage infrastructure
  • Quality materials
  • Carrying out the works according to industry standards

To ensure you have a long-lasting product, the works need to be done properly and to a standard.


The second step to having a long-lasting asphalt or spray seal car park is maintenance.

Sealing a granular base with asphalt or spray seal protects it from degradation and deformation. Water ingress is the most common cause of failure in pavements, so maintaining a water-resistant seal is an important value in extending pavement life.

By maintaining an asphalt or spray seal surface not only are you protecting the base from degrading, you’re also protecting the surface from further failure. Easy solutions such as:

  • Crack sealing
  • Pothole repairs
  • Patching

… will extend the life and available usage of your car park.

Options for maintaining Asphalt and Spray Seal surfaces are easy and affordable when compared to other products. Either with DIY products available at local hardware stores or using AAA Asphalt Maintenance crews, Crack Sealing, Pothole Repairs and Patches to repair localised issues and extend the pavement life.

If you have any questions about extending the life of your car park, get in touch and we’ll answer your questions.

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